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# ToDo
## Bugs
These issues are not real bugs, but unexpected behaviour that might
lead to serious trouble if you're not aware of.
......@@ -13,8 +11,6 @@ lead to serious trouble if you're not aware of.
* MultigridStep is not robust wrt setup order.
* MultigridStep deletes the ignoreNodes_ when calling preprocess() a second time
## Performance issues
While a suboptimal implementation might be OK, if it is cleaner
and more readable these issues may decrease the performance
......@@ -29,8 +25,6 @@ without any again.
be OK but much cheaper. (Does this have any performance impact on
linear elasticity problems?)
## Design issues
Things that could be improved to make dune-solvers easier to use, understand,
and maintain.
......@@ -43,8 +37,6 @@ and maintain.
store the solution there and make getSol() return this reference
and no copy.
(C: I'd prefer the latter to reduce the number of vector copies).
* Remove deprecated methods MultigridStep::setNumberOfLevels(), setProblem(...,numlevels)
constructors with argument numlevels after next release (2.3)
* Make setting up a MultigridStep easier. E.g. by providing a default
version that is preconfigured with GS smoother and coarse grid solver.
* MultigridStep works differently on the finest and the other
......@@ -61,18 +53,13 @@ and maintain.
Solver Base-classes (Solver, IterativeSolver, LoopSolver atl) and substitute the
q&d version implemented now
## Naming of classes and members
* ignoreNodes_ should be called ignore_/ignoreIndices_/ignoreComponents_
## Missing features
A wish list for features that would be very welcome.
* Transfer operator assembler for adaptively refined grids (without refinementtype=copy)
This is already implemented in dune-fufem. It could be moved here if the
dependency on P1NodalBasis is removed.
* An interface to add custom output and termination criteria to the LoopSolver.
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