Commit 6e567ba4 authored by Lasse Hinrichsen's avatar Lasse Hinrichsen
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Use deduction guidelines

parent a946cf04
......@@ -271,4 +271,8 @@ private:
Vector origin_;
ScalarFunction phi_;
template<typename V, typename ScalarFunction>
Semilinearfunctional(const V& weights, ScalarFunction&& phi) -> Semilinearfunctional<std::decay_t<V>, std::decay_t<ScalarFunction>>;
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -210,15 +210,14 @@ solveSystem(V const& u_old, M const& matrix, Grid const& grid)
auto phi = LogPotential();
auto quadratic = TNNMG::QuadraticFunctional<M, V, double>(matrix, u_old);
auto nonlinear = TNNMG::Semilinearfunctional<V, decltype(phi)>(weights, phi);
auto nonlinear = TNNMG::Semilinearfunctional(weights, phi);
auto functional =
TNNMG::SumFunctional<decltype(quadratic), decltype(nonlinear)>(quadratic,
TNNMG::SumFunctional(quadratic, nonlinear);
// now, set up linearizations
auto quad_lin =
TNNMG::QuadraticFunctionalConstrainedLinearization<decltype(quadratic), BV>(
quadratic, ignore);
auto semi_lin =
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