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Remove the template parameter V from NonlinearGSStep

Take it from the Functional type instead.
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......@@ -144,20 +144,19 @@ auto gaussSeidelLocalSolver(LS&& localSolver) -> decltype(GaussSeidelLocalSolver
* \brief A nonlinear Gauss-Seidel step
* \tparam V Vector type storing the iterate
* \tparam F Functional to minimize
* \tparam LS Local solver type
* \tparam BV Bit-vector type for marking ignored components
template<class V, class F, class LS, class BV = typename Solvers::DefaultBitVector_t<V> >
template<class F, class LS, class BV = typename Solvers::DefaultBitVector_t<typename F::Vector> >
class NonlinearGSStep :
public IterationStep<V, BV>
public IterationStep<typename F::Vector, BV>
using Base = IterationStep<V, BV>;
using Base = IterationStep<typename F::Vector, BV>;
using Vector = typename Base::Vector;
using Vector = typename F::Vector;
using BitVector = typename Base::BitVector;
using Functional = F;
using LocalSolver = LS;
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