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    • oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de's avatar
      Remove fixedsteplinearsolver.hh · 10876c2f
      oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de authored
      This file was introduced originally, because the AcceleratedGSStep
      class would only accept linear solvers for the linear correction,
      but no iteration steps.  The FixedStepLinearSolver could be used
      as a shim to practically turn an iteration step into a solver.
      Recently, the TNNMGStep class got generalized and now accepts
      LinearIterationStep objects directly, in addition to linear solvers.
      This makes the FixedStepLinearSolver class obsolete.
      If ever somebody else should need it, it should be in dune-solvers
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    • oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de's avatar
      Reintroduce the TNNMGStep class for the new implementation · a167a0e3
      oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de authored
      It is basically a combination of AcceleratedNonlinearGSStep and
      TNNMGAcceleration, but I think it makes the code easier to understand,
      even though it does not get shorter.
      In addition, the new TNNMGStep class takes nonlinear smoother in form
      of a shared_ptr to a dune-solvers IterationStep again.  I don't see
      why we need static polymorphism here.
  15. 02 Nov, 2016 1 commit
  16. 29 Oct, 2016 3 commits
    • oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de's avatar
      Modernize signatures of method 'domain' and 'subDiff' · a67fb337
      oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de authored
      * 'subDiff' is now called 'subDifferential'
      * It returns its result in the return value, not in its second argument
      * The method 'domain' also returns its result in the return value
    • oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de's avatar
      Move new SumFunctional class to file sumfunctional.hh · 150e7484
      oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de authored
      And get rid of the file newsumfunctional.hh, which was never intended to
      be a permanent solution.  With this patch, the file sumfunctional.hh
      contains both the new and the old implementation, and you can switch
      between the two with USE_OLD_TNNMG.
    • oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de's avatar
      Remove the fastQuadratic option from bisection · 251a68ba
      oliver.sander_at_tu-dresden.de authored
      In the new tnnmg implementation, the calling method is expected to know
      whether a functional is quadratic or not.  In case of a quadratic
      functional, the caller will not call bisection anyway, but it will
      rather call a dedicated solver for quadratic problems.
      This patch also introduces the preprocessor variable USE_OLD_TNNMG.
      When this variable is defined, the old tnnmg implementation is
      reenabled. This will simplify running old and new codes side by side
      for a while, which I find helpful for debugging.
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