Commit 11ebecb1 authored by akbib's avatar akbib Committed by akbib@FU-BERLIN.DE
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don't use FieldVector::size anymore, but can't use SymmetricTensor::dimension neither

[[Imported from SVN: r10886]]
parent 40865050
......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ public:
// Create mass matrix
// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
typedef FieldMatrix<double,SymmetricTensor<dim>::size, SymmetricTensor<dim>::size> BlockType;
//Blocktype is of size of the internal of a symmetric tensor, that is dim*(dim+1)/2
typedef FieldMatrix<double,dim*(dim+1)/2, dim*(dim+1)/2> BlockType;
typedef BCRSMatrix<BlockType> MassMatrixType;
typedef P1NodalBasis<typename GridType::LeafGridView,double> P1Basis;
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