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Merge branch 'enable-raviart-thomas-runtime-tests' into 'master'

Enable run-time transfer matrix assembly tests for RT elements

See merge request !74
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......@@ -177,9 +177,7 @@ bool testRaviartThomas(const GW0& gw0, const GW1& gw1)
FieldVector<double,2> testPoint(0);
auto testPointInFather = element.geometryInFather().global(testPoint);
// TODO: The run-time test is disabled for the time being, because it requires
if ( false && (coarseLocalFunction(testPointInFather) - fineLocalFunction(testPoint) ).two_norm() > 1e-10 )
if ( (coarseLocalFunction(testPointInFather) - fineLocalFunction(testPoint) ).two_norm() > 1e-10 )
std::cerr << "Raviart-Thomas: transfer matrix is not the natural injection!" << std::endl;
return false;
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