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Merge branch 'feature/proper-generic-copyOrReference-in-BoxConstrainedQuadraticFunctional' into 'master'

Properly forward constructor to CopyOrReference members.

See merge request !11
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......@@ -254,10 +254,11 @@ public:
using LowerObstacle = std::decay_t<L>;
using UpperObstacle = std::decay_t<U>;
BoxConstrainedQuadraticFunctional(const Matrix& matrix, const Vector& linearPart, const LowerObstacle& lower, const UpperObstacle& upper) :
Base(matrix, linearPart),
template <class MM, class VV, class LL, class UU>
BoxConstrainedQuadraticFunctional(MM&& matrix, VV&& linearPart, LL&& lower, UU&& upper) :
Base(std::forward<MM>(matrix), std::forward<VV>(linearPart)),
Range operator()(const Vector& v) const
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