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Remove operator()

This was a non-standard extension introduced without discussion.

As a consequence of this removal, the FixedStepLinearSolver class
loses its first template argument, too.
parent 4e7716d2
......@@ -17,10 +17,9 @@ namespace TNNMG {
* \brief An iterative solver for linear problems, using a fixed number of iterations
* \tparam Matrix Matrix type of the linear system
* \tparam Vector Vector type of the linear system
template <class Matrix, class Vector, class Step>
template <class Vector, class Step>
class FixedStepLinearSolver
: public IterativeSolver<Vector, Solvers::DefaultBitVector_t<Vector>>
......@@ -45,17 +44,6 @@ public:
/** \brief Solve */
void operator()(Vector& x, const Matrix& m, const Vector& r)
Dune::Solvers::resizeInitialize(ignore_, x, false);
step_->setProblem(m, x, r);
for (unsigned int i=0; i<noOfSteps_; i++)
/** \brief Solve */
virtual void solve()
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