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2.8 Release

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# Install external dependencies
dune:git clang C++17:
dune:2.8 clang C++17:
script: duneci-standard-test
dune:git gcc-8 C++17:
dune:2.8 gcc-8 C++17:
script: duneci-standard-test
dune:git gcc-9 C++20:
dune:2.8 gcc-9 C++20:
script: duneci-standard-test
# Master (will become release 2.8)
# 2.8 Release
- The method `addToDiagonal` can now also be called if the matrix is a scalar number type.
This is needed since nowadays scalar entries can end the nesting recursion of dune-istl
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
#Name of the module
Module: dune-matrix-vector
Version: 2.8-git
Version: 2.8
#depending on
Depends: dune-common dune-geometry dune-localfunctions dune-grid dune-istl
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