Commit 9771f233 authored by hannes's avatar hannes
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categorized UI activated

TODO: there are still no mails displayed
parent 2031ac91
......@@ -53,6 +53,8 @@ class StudySettings {
static var securityIndicator: SecurityIndicator = SecurityIndicator.load() as! SecurityIndicator
static var invitationsmode: Inviation = Inviation.load() as! Inviation
static var showCategorizedInterface = true
public static var invitationEnabled: Bool {
get {
return false
......@@ -30,12 +30,21 @@ struct LetterboxApp: App {
PermissionRequestView() // TODO Wait
if StudySettings.showCategorizedInterface {
InboxHome(controller: HomeModel())
//.navigationBarItems(leading: self.folderButton)
.environment(\.managedObjectContext, PersistentDataProvider
......@@ -454,3 +454,36 @@
"ReadView.PrefilledMail.AskForResend.Body" = "Hey, \nI could not decrypt your last email because I do not have the secret key. Can you resend the email again and encrypt the email for the attachted secret key? Thank you and best regards";
//Mark: Categories
"" = "Classic Inbox";
"" = "Files";
"" = "Chats and People";
"" = "Unsorted";
"Classic Inbox"="Classic Inbox";
"Filename"="File name";
"Open Email"="open this mail";
"Sort By"="Sort by: ";
"open mail in standard view"="open mail";
"Mark as unread"="mark as unread";
"Reply all"="reply all";
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